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Compiled by SheramyPilapitiya 1. Her Majesty's first address is now the location of a posh Cantonese restaurant.The future Queen Elizabeth II came into the world at 17 Burton Street in Mayfair, to the Duke and Duchess of York. Eventually, their royal house was demolished, but the building erected in its place now holds the world renowned Michelin Star restaurant (and celeb magnet) Hakkasan. 2. Queen Elizabeth became a home owner at 6 years old.On the young Princess's birthday, the peopl...


By Punyakante Wijenaike Both looked sad as if they were contemplating jumping into the running waters and being swept away in the current. Both looked in their late twenties and their complexions were darker in colour than the citizens of London going about their business on a busy road. No one stopped to look at the couple holding hands so close to the edge of the bank of rushing waters. But that was London. No one had the time to stop and stare nor care. He was simply clad in a T-shirt...


Just the thought of looking at the periodic table makes us cringe because of everything that has to be remembered. But thinking about how it has helped us know so much information by just looking at it, gives us some sense of relief. So, thinking about it that way, periodic tables aren't a confusing problem – they're a helpful problem-solver. What if we make things interesting and give the periodic table a fashion-forward twist? Sounds crazy, right?Well, we recently came across t...

By Naddy Actress and writer Anoma Jinadari will shortly be even more talked about when a Sinhala movie she stars in is released, shortly. Anoma has posted a few stunning pictures on Face book which suggest the type of character she plays. Anoma caught the eye in the movie Thani Thatuwen Piyambanna. And, it made her a talking point among fans.This led to a lot of talking about her character, among fans.

By Naddy Roshan Ranawana, the honeybun of female Sinhala movie fans is said to be working on a reality show. Roshan's popularity among the fair sex stems from characters he has played, they say.Roshan has been out of the public eye for some time, while shooting the movie produced by Harsha Udakanda. And, for the role he played, Roshan had a hard time growing accustomed to wearing a sarong!

By Naddy As the story goes, Athula Adhikari celebrated his birthday; best seen on Face book. And, Amaya too did not fail to wish Athula, in caring tones. What the fans like to hear is whether Athula has responded to Amaya's wishes. For, thus, far, there seems to be no response, on Athula's side.Informed sources say that notwithstanding the pair being apart, Athula still tickles the fancy of Amaya.

Narmada Ravihansi has become this year's Mrs Sri Lanka. She attended the International Mrs World Contest which was held in China. There, her husband won the award for 'The Best Husband of the Year.' She had posted a photo on Face Book with these details. Many fans had wished her well. However a person called Vincent Chan had also mentioned in his Face Book Account that he won the Best Husband of the Year award together with another photograph. It is probably Narmada who knows who theactu...

By Sheramy Pilapitiya There was once a person, who claimed himself,A poor man with no proper means,He'd wander all day in humble assistance,To everyone along his way in need.His words immediately struck me, As I took in all that he said,Wealth isn't about pockets dangling,But a state of the heart with meek pledge.Nickels and dimes; cents and rupees,Dollars and millions; billions and zillions,Are all merely a mean of branding material,That have no pass to enter a world of eternal. Have ...


Ceylon FT

A top Lankan delegation on the EU Fishery ban is scheduled to leave for Brussels on 30 March revealed the Seafood Exporters Association of Sri Lanka (SEASL) Chairman
BEIJING (Saturday) China's top planner tried to reassure foreign companies they are welcome in its slowing, state-dominated economy in a speech Sunday aimed at
Ceylon Finance Today: If vegetable prices have fallen sharply due to the prevailing good weather, the same however is not true as far as fish prices are concerned,
Friday: A shortened trading week because of Easter coupled with little US economic data means the gold market will be led by outside markets, according to some


Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara was with the Sri Lanka Navy for 35 years. In his long and distinguished career, he witnessed firsthand the ruthlessness of the Liberation
I was once again paying my last respects to a man I knew only by name, but said to be a gentlemen, a respectable man in society and one who had earned a good respect
A stinking property deal has now surfaced within the Slave Island area over a leasing of 273 perches prime commercial land.The Ceylon Today, in the lead story of
"Soon after we were released from the IDP camps in Settikulam, Vavuniya in 2010, there was no guarantee of our security. We felt quite insecure. Although we came

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