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Horizon, degree awarding institute


Higher Education and Highways  Minister Lakshman  Kiriella made an official visit to Horizon Campus recently, as part of his agenda to visit some of the private higher education institutions which have been recognized as degree awarding institutions by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry. 

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Horizon, degree awarding institute

Horizon Campus is one of the six non-State sector institutions which has formed the Sri Lanka Association of Non-State Higher Education Institutions (SLANSHIE).

Kiriella was welcomed by the students, particularly those who are currently reading for the UGC approved degree programmes and Horizon Campus' senior management which includes its Chairman Upul Daranagama, CEO Ajitha Wanasinghe and Vice Chancellor Prof. Colin N. Peiris. The minister visited all facilities of the Campus, engaged in a discussion with the staff as well as students who were present on the day.
In his address to the gathering, Kiriella emphasized the need for private higher education institutions to take a greater role in providing government recognized, quality education to the large number of students who do not gain access to the State sector university system.

He was pleased to note the attempts made by institutions such as Horizon Campus in developing links between the public/private sectors, particularly in the education field. The minister emphasized that infrastructure facilities and the development of research activities were vital to the growth of institutions such as Horizon Campus and its contribution towards the national cause.
He said that it was a pleasure to recognize the recruitment policy of Horizon, so as to obtain the services of highly qualified academic staff in the delivery of its degree programmes.

Horizon Campus has currently obtained approvals to offer the Bachelor of Management in HRM/Marketing, in Information Technology and Bachelor of Education degrees at its Malabe Campus.

It has also partnered with three internationally reputed universities, vis-a-vis London University, Arkansas State University USA and Nilai University Malaysia, in offering foreign qualifications in a range of disciplines such as Law, Bio-technology, Accounting, Banking and Strategic Communication, which would fulfil the requirements of the most discerning student.

Apart from providing degrees in three different disciplines, it is also the Horizon Campus' vision to achieve its goals of being a truly residential campus, where it would cater to students from all walks of life, be it urban, suburban or rural Sri Lanka. The purpose built accommodation and all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities available, provide a holistic education system for the youth and affordability for parents, who wish for their offspring to study for a locally recognized degree programme.

One may question why one should read for your degree at Horizon Campus. Apart from the co-curricular/extra-curricular activities/hostel facilities provided, Horizon Campus believes in offering prospective students a degree of their choice based on the "3 A's Principles", namely 'Affordability, Accessibility and Assurance.'

Horizon Campus' senior management believes that these factors are the most important in choosing a degree which would ultimately produce a 'marketable graduate' to the industry. Horizon Campus has made its primary motive to provide opportunities to read for the degrees offered at a fraction of the cost of studying for a similar foreign degree programme, making it 'affordable' to read for a degree, while it has supplemented this by offering students transport facilities and hostel facilities at its Malabe Campus, making it 'accessible' to students islandwide. The local recognition achieved through the ministry has completed its ambition of offering a 'Quality Assured Institution and Degree Programme' for those choosing Horizon Campus.

Horizon Campus' senior management would invite local and London A/L qualified students to be a part of this endeavour, encouraging the country's youth to take the next step in their educational cycle. Parents are invited to visit the Campus premises with their children, meet the faculty/management and make the 'correct' choice on their children's future.
For further inquiries, call Horizon Campus' Student Counsellor or visit the Campus website.

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