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Niranga hides her love, faces much sorrow


I recalled a wonderful story when I saw a post that was being shared on Facebook. According to that post, no money, internet or even things like Facebook are required to live a free and happy life. Happiness and freedom is with you. People who go in search of money and happiness, unknowingly lose many things finally.  

Ceylontoday, 2016-03-13 02:00:00
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Niranga hides her love, faces much sorrow

By Hansi Attygalle

It is possible that it could be your child. It could be your life too. Anyhow people who go in search of money cannot find their own life. With money the happiness of life and everything else gets buried and disappears. Therefore, the fact that life is not having a job or money, or privileges should be understood.

At the same time, you cannot wipe your hands off by aiming that accusation at your parents when things go wrong everywhere in your life. You too have a responsibility. You should have a responsibility as to what you should do, whom you should associate with, what should be the extent of that association. Life is not a game.
Niranga was a girl who had studied in a popular school in Sri Lanka. As the saying goes, Niranga had enough money. At times there was nothing that Niranga could do with that money. Niranga's mother was a principal at a popular school in Sri Lanka. Her father was an officer in the Army.

Every day and every time Niranga's life began in the same way and ended in the same manner. She gets up early in the morning, gets ready to go to school, goes to school in a vehicle and comes back. That was Niranga's life. If there was any change beyond this routine it was to go out all of a sudden and come back home.
During the time I am writing about, Niranga's life began to change in a manner that was not thought of. Niranga's father brought the buddies in his camp home. They attended to small, small jobs around the house. They accompanied her father everywhere he went.

None of these persons mentioned, was not able to enter Niranga's life nor could they get the pleasure of Niranga's glance. The reason was because she was very arrogant and vain by nature. Therefore, it was not easy to enter the life of such a person. The other thing was that she was their boss's daughter. No one would decide to take such a risk due to any reason at all.
As Niranga was the only child in the family and as she was a female she lived like a prisoner in her own home. As males she saw only her father and the Buddies her father brought home. Even though time passed no change took place in Niranga's life. As was her habit she went to school in the morning and returned home late afternoon.

It was while she was like this that, Namal's shadow fell on her life. Namal came to Niranga's home similar to the way Buddies mentioned above came. Namal who was a soldier who worked under Niranga's father, was a rather more handsome boy than the others who went in and out of that house. Since Niranga had not seen any other boy, handsome as Namal was, Niranga's eyes also came to rest near Namal.

One day, the driver who took Niranga to school daily, took ill all of a sudden. That day Niranga went to school with Namal. As the driver's condition was becoming worse, Niranga's father decided to send him home on vacation. From then onwards the task of taking Niranga to school fell on Namal. Namal began to live in Niranga's home. As time passed, Namal and Niranga became lovers unknown to even to each other. Time passed. The love that began with the exchange of mobile telephone numbers and SMS, one day when no one was at home, jumped the limits completely.

From then onwards, she did not attend school but went to other places with Namal and at every opportunity when there was no one at home they engaged in sexual relations. Neither was Niranga scared to allow Namal to engage in these things. She did not even think twice. With Niranga engaging in wrong doings more and more her life became more and more risky. Finally without Niranga knowing she got pregnant because of Namal. Until she was into her fourth month of pregnancy, neither Niranga nor Namal suspected anything at all.

When Niranga began feeling unwell all of a sudden, the people at home got scared. When Niranga who had not suffered from anything up to now, started vomiting and fainting the people at home got afraid and took her to a hospital. It was there that it was discovered that she was pregnant.

Doctors who got excited gave her a receipt to get a VDRL test done which is a test for sexually transmitted diseases. It was at the end of this test that Niranga got to know that she was infected with HIV. Since Niranga swore that she had no other relationship with another boy other than Namal finally Namal too had to undergo a VDRL test. It was only then Namal found out that he had HIV. Whatever status the parents are in, if they looked into what their child was up to, and if they made an attempt to find out where she went, none of these problems would have cropped up. To life that is spent in prison, a tiny opening is enough to go in search of freedom. It could be the cause for good as well as destruction.

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